Blockchain Professionals Wanted: Solving The Blockchain Industry’s Biggest Problem


Blockchain technology is expected to have an explosive impact on the world economy. According to the World Economic Forum, IBM, Oracle, Deloitte and many other reputable organizations, blockchain is one of today’s most disruptive emerging technologies. Some 10% of the global GDP will be stored on blockchain platforms by 2025-2027 if their predictions come true.

We seem to be on the brink of a blockchain revolution, and key global players – corporates, VCs and governments alike – are already investing heavily in blockchain related projects. Besides, billions are being poured into blockchain startups through ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) – a new controversial means of crowdfunding with cryptocurrencies.

So why should you care about blockchain? Here are some numbers:

  • virtually all governmental organizations surveyed by IBM intend to invest in blockchain by 2018 (forbes)
  • one in five central banks say they will be using blockchain tech by 2019 according to new study by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (quartz)
  • more than $1.7 billion raised by token sales in ICOs since the beginning of 2017 (techcrunch)
  • Private investments into blockchain companies have risen to a new high in 2017  – $4.5 billion (forbes)
  • 1,500 blockchain professionals are employed by IBM worldwide (yahoo, linkedin)
  • job ads for blockchain skills have tripled in the past year (businessinsider, linkedin)
  • global blockchain market is expected to reach $5 billion in 2023 (businessinsider)

As blockchain technology is being adopted by financial services, governments, real estate, healthcare, supply chain and other major industries, one thing is becoming obvious – blockchain talent is scarce.

The blockchain talent gap is real

As blockchain is moving beyond startup scene and enterprise adoption grows, the skill shortage in the area of blockchain technology is getting real. The hunt for CTOs, developers, engineers, architects, legal experts and other professionals with hands on blockchain experience is on.

The number of job postings for blockchain talent on LinkedIn has tripled over the last 12 months, signalling increasing demand for distributed ledger technology professionals.  In most cases, filling these positions proves challenging as hiring managers will be quick to admit. The technology is still in its infancy and businesses of all sizes are now competing for a very limited talent pool.

With the industry growing, the demand for skilled blockchain professionals is only expected to increase in the years to come.  Extensive investment in training and development is required globally and some universities are recognizing the opportunity. A number of blockchain and cryptocurrency courses are already offered around the world as a part of degree programs. However, it will take time for the newly trained specialists to be job market ready. Right now, the demand drastically outstrips the supply.

To sum it up – there is a significant talent drought in terms of core Blockchain expertise. As blockchain technology is becoming a technological mainstay, organizations of all sizes are finding themselves ill-equipped to handle the supply-demand gap.

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