We at Blockchain Headhunter strongly believe in the power of the blockchain technology and its immense disruptive potential. Financial services, voting, real estate, music streaming, supply chain management – just to name a few industries to be potentially affected by the blockchain technology in the years to come. We are enthusiastically looking forward to see what innovations the future will bring.

Blockchain professionals are scarce

One of the major obstacles hindering industry growth is the lack of qualified blockchain talent. The technology is relatively new and there are simply not enough skilled professionals out there yet. As a result, almost all the organizations involved in blockchain development are struggling to hire the right people quickly and effeciently. And things are not expected to change any time soon – the demand for blockchain knowledge and experience is growing faster than supply.

Blockchain Headhunter – the solution

Founded by Michael Shlayen in the end of 2016, Blockchain Headhunter helps blockchain organizations to bridge the talent gap. We are a team of recruitment professionals with an extensive industry know how and a vast network of relevant contacts. We provide global coverage relying on an network of industry insiders, partners and consultants worldwide.

Our mission is to connect the leading blockchain organizations with the top blockchain talent worldwide facilitating further advance of this ground breaking technology.

Interested in becoming a partner? Shoot us an email to m@shlayen.com.

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