Blockchain Recruitment, Direct & Executive Search

Job posting will provide your vacancy with a significant exposure within the relevant candidate pool of blockchain professionals. However, its scope is limited mostly to the active candidates, who do check job ads on the regular basis. A large portion of the candidate pool will never see your job ad. These so called passive candidates are currently employed and are not actively seeking a career change. Usually these are the best professionals on the market.

Pro-actively tapping into the passive candidate pool is called direct search and is usually the most efficient recruitment technique for the mid, senior and executive level positions, where previous relevant experience is crucial.

Every assignment is unique, but this is how the typical direct search process looks like:

  • We will discuss your exact needs and come up with a search strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.
  • We will then identify and approach relevant blockchain professionals, thoroughly screen them and present you with the best qualified and motivated candidates.
  • We will coordinate the interviews, assist with offer negotiations and throughout the on-boarding process. Only then we consider the assignment complete.
  • We also provide a free replacement during the guarantee period in case it didn’t work out at the first attempt.

It goes without saying, that we are committed to the fullest discretion and confidentiality of the entire process.

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