About BigchainDB

BigchainDB is the scalable blockchain database, for the internet and for the collaborative ecosystems.

Developers and organizations use BigchainDB software to unleash applications in sovereign personal data, compensating creators, supply chain / IoT, data exchanges, and other non-cryptocurrency use cases where scale and performance are needed.

To achieve scale, BigchainDB starts with a scalable distributed database (MongoDB) and then adds blockchain characteristics - decentralized control, immutability and assets. This is a departure from other approaches start with blockchain technology and attempt to engineer in scale.

BigchainDB GmbH started as ascribe GmbH in 2013-2016. When blockchain scale became a showstopper, the team focused on scalable blockchain technology, and renamed the company in early 2016 to reflect the new focus. Also in 2016, BigchainDB hatched the non-profit IPDB Foundation, to drive a public database for the planet.

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