About Digiland

DigiLand is an e-governance company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We digitize the land transfer by developing a transparent and immutable system with distributed ledgers and a proof-of-authority approach. The system is customized to local markets in South Asia and keeps record of all changes in land ownership and other official document amendments.

Our team consists of local and international experts from Europe and Asia, who work together with national governments to implement a safer and more efficient land transfer in developing countries.

We are a partner organization of Microsoft and we consider ourself as a social startup as we are fully impact driven. Land conflicts are one of the major problems in Bangladesh and we have set ourself the ambitious goal to target the issue nationally to facilitate economic development.

Our expertise lies in blockchain and tech, business development in emerging markets, as well as legal advice on land rights.

  • Developer IPFS and Ethereum to digitize land records in Bangladesh

    Digiland DigiLand is an e-governance company that digitizes land transfer
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