Blockchain Job Market Is Booming and It Is the Right Time to ‘Enter’

Blockchain Job Market Is Booming and It Is the Right Time to ‘Enter’

The investment opportunities given by the blockchain and cryptocurrency world have already provided an attractive yield. Thanks to Bitcoin, the world has now access to a whole new industry which is unique and is now growing at an exponential rate. Despite the economic slowdown and market bloodbaths,  jobs in the blockchain industry have always surged. The trend is not slowing, yet pacing at an astronomical rate.

‘Decentralization’ is the term here, and companies with the said ideology allow employees to work remotely. You could be in your shorts, sipping a cocktail at your desk and still submit your work on slack. Also, colleagues and company leaders are often open-minded due to the nature of the industry. Due to high demand and a low supply of qualified professionals, blockchain job salaries also tend to be significantly higher than average. Traditionally the demand was only for developers, but recently there are positions available for all conventional positions – thanks to the diverse use case of blockchain. Content writers, marketing pros, growth hackers, social media managers are handsomely compensated – with a salary range of $92,600 – $176,780. 

Even LinkedIn Agrees

According to LinkedIn, blockchain is one of the most in-demand job skills in 2020. LinkedIn found blockchain was the top priority for employers hiring in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Australia. Namrata Murlidhar, marketing director at LinkedIn, said blockchain had risen from the “once shadowy world” of cryptocurrency to display as “transformative business solution.”

There are copious data points which indicate the expanding demand and salaries for blockchain jobs. Glassdoor, a jobs review site, observed that demand for blockchain-related jobs in the year 2019 increased by 300 percent as compared to 2018. Upwork, a site for freelancers, also stated that demand for freelancers with a “blockchain” asset grew by 3,500 percent in the same timeframe. It was also found that these jobs offer more salaries higher than any other field. And despite regulatory uncertainty, companies are rapidly investing in hiring for roles related to bitcoin and blockchain.

Are you not entertained? The following tips will enable you to secure a position in a top tech company:

  • Know Blockchain inside out – Hey! What is Bitcoin and how does a blockchain function? If you are wondering how to start your answer, then it is an indication that you may need some time to learn about the fundamentals of the industry. Janice Ng, head of education at Blockchain at Berkeley, a leading student-run university club, states “Everyone has heard of blockchain and its related buzzwords, but they do not necessarily know what it brings.” These courses may help you
  • A well-decorated Portfolio goes a long way – According to Tyler Wellner, partner at BlockVenture Coalition, resumes will cease to exist in future. If you are a developer, your codes at Github or any other open-source code hosting platform will speak for you. If you are a marketer, then you are more than welcome to flaunt data and analytics of your previous campaigns. You can claim anything as long as you can back that up with work. 
  • Make connections: I am able to write this because I value relationships over short-term gains. Making connections – even virtually can be very rewarding.

Don’t know where to start?

Blockchain Headhunter, a leading blockchain employment company could help you. The company helps blockchain organizations to bridge the talent gap. The service connects the employers with potential talents in the blockchain space, without any charge. 

“We specialize in recruitment & executive search for blockchain, crypto, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), STO (Securities Token Offering) and fintech ventures globally. Our mission is to connect leading blockchain & crypto organizations with the top blockchain talent worldwide facilitating the further advance of this groundbreaking technology.” 

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