How to Get a Job in Web-3 in 2022: The Most Relevant Tips

How to Get a Job in Web-3 in 2022: The Most Relevant Tips

Changing careers might seem to be quite a challenging and demanding task to perform, nevertheless this is one of the most rewarding investments in your future. In 2022 web-3 (aka crypto) is booming, so it’s a no-brainer that this sphere needs new faces. If there are so many vacant positions in this area, why don’t you take a closer look at it and make the leap into a forward-looking and ground-breaking field?

The reasons why you should pay attention to crypto

  1. It will inevitably have an impact on every sector. So, the earlier you start diving into the sphere, the more you will earn in the future.
  2. If you are on the starting point of your career, you should pay attention to building your awareness of the career prospects in web3, since in this sphere you don’t have to climb up the career ladder for that long to make a decent living.
  3. The most forward-looking people are moving into the crypto sphere. Why not be around exceptional and rich people?

The most relevant crypto sectors

While looking for a job in any sphere, the first step to be taken is to identify your niche, corresponding to your natural predisposition and current hard and soft skills.

  1. Blockchain development. Blockchain developers are the most in-demand and the highest-paid people in the crypto industry. Hard programming skills (including C++, C#, Solidity GO, JavaScript) are required for being competitive for this role.
  2. Journalism. Having strong writing skills and extensive crypto knowledge will definitely make you a welcome web3 content creator.
  3. Venture capital. If you have a solid understanding of economics, financial modeling and entrepreneurship, you could make a great investment analyst or research associate, for example.
  4. Mining. Those craving for having a more hands-on and tech-focused career in web3 could possibly apply for a position in a crypto mining company. Such companies are involved in maintaining data centers and mining plants.

The steps to be taken

  1. Become an intern in a cryptocurrency company to get your feet wet and become immersed into web3.
  2. Stay up to date in crypto. Try to become an early adopter, however challenging and costly it might be at first. This way you show dedication to the founder’s mission and innovations in web3, not the highest paycheck.
  3. Build a resume on Messari Hub. It is an extremely convenient platform for promoting your services to a potential employer.
  4. Start a writing blog/ Twitter account/ YouTube channel/ podcast dedicated to web3. Try to do a lot of research in the crypto field and summarise great, long or complex pieces. Say sophisticated ideas in simple words. It is far more rewarding than you think. Apart from that, keep abreast of the most important and timely events in blockchain. The Daily Ape will definitely help you out here. Employers do appreciate applicants with their blogs, which proves their dedication to web3. Don’t lose the chance to monetize your blog, when it’s big enough.
  5. Network as much as possible. Try out Meetup and Eventbrite for finding out about meetups and community events in the sphere of blockchain. You may even consider moving to one of the crypto cities in order to be around like-minded people.
  6. Offer your help and assistance. Follow the accounts of both market leaders and new startups in this area. Don’t be shy to reach out to people and offer your services as a young specialist.

All in all, the most required feature for any employer is genuine interest and great awareness of crypto and blockchain. If you do have this and, apart from that, have additional soft and hard skills, you are sure to find your niche in the market and make a decent living.