About Status

As social creatures, we have an inherent need to communicate. With advancements in natural language understanding, we are seeing the emergence of Chatbots, enabling users to communicate with applications in the same way they already communicate with people.

Now take Blockchain technology. Perhaps the single biggest technological innovation in the past decade. A multi-billion dollar market that has emerged in a few short years. Yet it still hasn't reached its tipping point towards mass-adoption, in part due to usability.

Enter Status. A beautiful open messaging platform and browser, designed to make the Ethereum part of users' daily lives and interactions. Through our messenger, users can send encrypted messages, payments and contracts to friends, or chat naturally with decentralised applications. Status' decentralised applications browser will replace the need for physical wallets, keys and identity.

If you grasp the potential ramifications of the Blockchain as a technology, and are excited to help us solve the main hurdle of adoption, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Software Engineer (Clojure)

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  • Head of Social

    Status s a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world.
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