About Tencoins

We live in the era of new technologies that make this freedom possible. We believe in creating IT solutions for global, easy and modern finance available for the many people worldwide.

We are constantly developing cutting-edge IT solutions to meet the needs of the new economy. The software developed by Tencoins targets the market of FinTech, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and other forms of the e-economy.

Our mission is to develop IT solutions for free & easy finance. Because we believe that the world deserves financial services that are instant, secure and without borders.
All our IT solutions combine the most modern technologies with user-friendly intuitive design. This ensures safe, convenient and unique user experience.

We use new technologies to promote decentralized principles of operation. We see blockchain as a technology that promotes transparency and trust and gives the control over the processes to each member.

  • UX/UI Designer

    • full-time