Director Asset Management

Director Asset Management

Singapore / APAC / remote

Our client’s mission is to generate returns on various crypto related strategies. They have a broad mandate and can tolerate high risk and volatility across various non-traditional strategies. In total there will be over $500M deployed across: DeFi yield farming, quant funds, BTC/ETH mining, primary and secondary market VC funds, high yield products, and other automated trading strategies.

It is a remote-first company and will consider your application regardless of where you call home. 

The company includes Asset Management, Venture, Labs (blockchain development), and Algo Trading departments. It looks to grow to 200-300 people by 2022.


Build, lead and inspire a 6 person team covering the following functions:

  • Portfolio Optimization – track and optimize risk-return of portfolio comprising 20-50 strategies, each strategy $10M+ deployed in BTC, ETH, or USD basis.
  • Systems and Analytics – select or custom build a system that can track: net asset values, underlying exposure by currency (USD, BTC, ETH, etc..), asset allocation by strategy (portfolio, sub-portfolio, individual strategy), asset exposure by custody type and rating (external party, exchange, multisig, singlesig), strategy analytics and alerts (P&L, IRR, volatility, correlation etc..). In summary, replace all Google Sheets with a system.
  • Trade Execution Process – currently using exchanges and manual trading. We want to start using API trading, algo trade entry tools, and crypto-to-crypto OTC channels.
  • External Strategies – work with our business development and venture team to assess external opportunities including: external quant funds, yield products, primary and secondary market crypto VC funds. Typical size is $15-50M deployed per external strategy.
  • Internal Strategies – Work with the Algo Trading team and developers to create and monitor: centralized exchange prop trading strategies, on-chain market making and algo trading strategies like Uniswap V3 or arbitrage, DeFi farming opportunities.
  • Participate in Asset Management committee, and report to Managing Partner.


  • From a family office or hedge fund, with 3+ years experience directly managing $200+ AUM, across 10+ different strategies.
  • Strong interest in joining the crypto industry.
  • Experience in asset management systems, custom analytics and alerts.
  • Experience in finding and managing high risk / yield strategies (30% IRR).
  • Startup culture: highly independent, prepared to build the organization from zero (people, process, systems), assist in many administrative and cross functional areas.
  • English fluency.


  • Experience in overseeing quantitative trading strategies.
  • Based in Singapore (although remote acceptable)
  • Chinese fluency