Protocol Engineer – Solidity

Protocol Engineer – Solidity

San Francisco

Our client is building a fully decentralized and universally accessible stablecoin. To truly enable DeFi’s vision of global interoperable financial access, there needs to be a decentralized, fair, liquid, and scalable stablecoin.

The company was born out of a unique combination of well-known primitives such as bonding curves and DAOs with innovations like direct incentives and Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) as liquidity.

They are a community-supported/driven/sponsored and fully decentralized stablecoin project which rewards its users and stewards with the ability to help define its value and, more so, purpose.

It has a small team but impactful team based out of San Francisco. On their behalf we are looking for a protocol engineer to help build the next generation of the technology. You will be responsible for implementing and designing smart contracts for one of the hottest new projects on Ethereum.

Strong object-oriented programmers are encouraged to apply.

Extra points for experience with solidity, not not a pre-requisite.

Initial Responsibilities

  • Implement smart contracts and tests
  • Implement and design periphery contracts
  • Design and implement peripheral mechanisms to the protocol

1-3 years of engineering experience

Nice to haves
-1-3 years of experience with Solidity
-A deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
-Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet
-Experience implementing complex math in Solidity

Compensation $160k – $240k . Equity 0.75% – 1.0%. This is a full-time role that includes health insurance and other benefits.