If you are someone that loves to build things and cares deeply about the future of the internet and of society, we want to hear from you.

-You will design, implement, deploy, benchmark, and maintain decentralized databases and software systems
-You will co-plan and co-design the product with your team in an agile, open-source development process

Skills and Experience
We don’t expect applicants to be an expert in everything listed below which is why we’ve separated the requirements into two tiers. The ideal candidate has experience with Python and distributed systems; loves to learn; and thrives working in a team.

Minimum Qualifications:
-You have a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering, CS, or related discipline; or equivalent practical experience
-You love Python, and have 3+ years of production experience
-You have experience with distributed systems, backend development, and web-based tech
-You possess good communication skills; interacting with your team and others will be a key part of your day
-You are a creative, “make it happen” problem solver

-You have a Master’s or PhD in distributed systems, or related
-You have engineered distributed databases, networking protocols, or large-scale transaction systems
-You’ve worked with: consensus protocols; Linked Data / Semantic Web; C, C++, Go, Rust, Haskell, Erlang, Clojure, Solidity, BTC, IPFS, Eth, K8S, Swarm, asyncio, etc.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these. Rather, we’d love to see that you’re *interested* in them, perhaps know one or two as a starting point, and most importantly, that you’ll learn more about them as you grow with us professionally and personally.

BigchainDB & Benefits:

We’re a tight-knit international team based in Berlin. From our very beginnings having a female cofounder, we have been unrelenting on our approach: we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We strongly encourage applications from women, transgender or non-binary people, people of colour, people with disabilities, or anyone traditionally underrepresented in tech.

Location: If you don’t know much about Berlin, don’t fret. Almost all of us have immigrated here, from all over the world, from Canada and India and Italy. We love it!

Immigration: We’ll hold your hand in the visa process, which is smooth and surprisingly fast.

Language: We speak English in the office. And in fact if you only speak English, you can easily get by in Berlin.

Transit: We’re spoiled, Berlin has one of the best public transit systems in the world. Our office is near a major station. Berlin also has bike lines throughout the city. You can park your bike in the office:)

Hours: The engineering team has a daily standup at 9.30am. We try to be around the office until 5pm. But if your 3yo has an event, by all means, go! Or if you get on a roll and work late, then please, sleep in. If you wish to work from home now and then, that’s ok. We trust you to do your job, and doing your job is about getting the task done, not us looking over your shoulder.

Time off: Health first. So, our minimum paid leave per year is 25 days, plus national holidays.

Health: You get high-quality universal health care; it’s Germany! Many of us have a family doctor down the street. Berlin is also great for sports.

Parental Leave: We love kids! And we recognize the time that parents need for their children’s’ well-being, not to mention their own well-being! So we give space to new parents who wish to spend time with their children: mothers get fully paid maternity leave six weeks prior to birth and eight weeks after. In addition, there are 14 months of 2/3 paid leave, split between the parents according to the parents’ choice. And for general parental responsibilities that invariably come up, by all means, go attend to your child. We trust that you are a professional and know how to balance your time.

Personal Growth: BigchainDB is at the center of blockchains + big data + AI, so if you’re not learning, then something’s wrong! You’ll have opportunities to speak at conferences, host hackathons, writing, and more. Finally, we give you an annual €2000 budget that you spend as you wish on books, personal conferences, and other things to grow yourself.

Amazing cool city. Did we mention, it’s Berlin?

Things work. Did we mention, it’s Germany?

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About BigchainDB

BigchainDB is the scalable blockchain database, for the internet and for the collaborative ecosystems.

Developers and organizations use BigchainDB software to unleash applications in sovereign personal data, compensating creators, supply chain / IoT, data exchanges, and other non-cryptocurrency use cases where scale and performance are needed.

To achieve scale, BigchainDB starts with a scalable distributed database (MongoDB) and then adds blockchain characteristics - decentralized control, immutability and assets. This is a departure from other approaches start with blockchain technology and attempt to engineer in scale.

BigchainDB GmbH started as ascribe GmbH in 2013-2016. When blockchain scale became a showstopper, the team focused on scalable blockchain technology, and renamed the company in early 2016 to reflect the new focus. Also in 2016, BigchainDB hatched the non-profit IPDB Foundation, to drive a public database for the planet.