Blast L2 is in search of experienced blockchain developers following the successful accumulation of $600 million in deposits

Blast L2 is in search of experienced blockchain developers following the successful accumulation of $600 million in deposits

Blast, the Ethereum layer-2 network spearheaded by Blur's co-founder and supported by Paradigm, is actively seeking top talent to fill crucial roles as it progresses towards its highly anticipated mainnet launch. Despite not having the mainnet operational yet, Blast has achieved a remarkable milestone with over $640 million in cryptocurrencies deposited by users.

The team is currently on the lookout for a Senior DevOps Engineer and a Senior Protocol Engineer, pivotal positions in shaping the foundation of Blast's blockchain mainnet. The project's recent job postings garnered attention on social media, sparking discussions and some skepticism among crypto enthusiasts regarding the platform's ability to deliver a secure DeFi protocol running on the Ethereum blockchain.

While Blast acknowledges the importance of these roles in building a fully functional mainnet, speculative investors remain undeterred, pouring hundreds of millions into Blast's deposit-only smart contract. This influx of digital assets is driven by the anticipation of early user benefits and potential participation in a future token airdrop.

The announcement of these job openings on December 1st marks the latest development in Blast's controversial journey. Apart from the absence of a mainnet, concerns have been raised by the DeFi community about Blast's multi-sig wallet model, which involves five signers.

Blast's multi-sig operates on a 3/5 system, allowing three signers to move funds from the protocol's wallet. In response to criticism, the project asserted that "security exists on a spectrum," emphasizing that nothing is entirely secure. It pointed out that other layer-2 networks, including Polygon, employ a similar mechanism, and the multi-sig wallet option provides enhanced security benefits.

Despite the concerns raised, Blast's primary institutional backer, Paradigm, has expressed reservations about the project potentially setting a "bad precedent" for other layer-2 networks and DeFi platforms entering the market. However, Dan Robinson, a Paradigm researcher, acknowledged Blast's exciting components.

Led by Tieshun Roquerre, co-founder of the NFT marketplace Blur, Blast has the potential to become the third-largest layer-2 network by total value locked, as indicated by DefiLlama data, once its network is fully released.