Executive Branding


If you thought that only businesses & organisations have brands – think again. EVERY individual has a brand. You personal brand a.k.a reputation is how others perceive you. As the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, famously put it – “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.


Creating and maintaining your personal professional brand in our increasingly digital world is very different compared to the reputation management in the pre-internet era.

Today, executive branding is all about using the digital marketing tools & techniques to establish, give voice and credibility to your personal brand. Otherwise it will drown in the noise of the global village that our planet has become.


Executive branding is especially important to those of you who are actively exploring new career opportunities. But even if you are currently engaged and happy with ongoing projects, you shouldn’t neglect your digital persona. You never know which amazing opportunities might be waiting around the corner if you craft an engaging message and communicate it through the right channels to reach relevant audience.

Today, potential employers or business partners can easily find out about your existence before even glancing at your CV. If you make your personal brand visible online and send the right message across, other professionals will take notice.

The more relevant buzz and awareness you can generate around your digital self and content surrounding it, the more attractive you will appeal as a potential hire for an employer. Or as a startup founder for an investor. Or whoever else attention you would like to reach. Having the reputation of a thought leader in your industry significantly increases your chances of landing this dream job, invited on the board, invested in.. you name it.


The online reach is global and knows no physical boundaries. Do it right and your professional brand will become known and a go to source for professional skill & advice around the globe. But don’t forget that your competition is global too.

Let’s be honest, standing out professionally in the digital world spammed with selfie narcissists, fake news and trolls requires hard work and dedication. Success will not come overnight. But who has the time, when you have million of other things to take care of,  you will rightfully ask?


We are here to guide you on this exciting and creative journey of establishing your personal professional presence online to help you connect with the opportunities that you are missing.

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