Original blockchain recruiter

Founded by Michael Shlayen in 2017, Blockchain Headhunter is a pioneering executive search and recruitment agency in the crypto, blockchain and Web3 space. Despite the setbacks of the crypto winters from 2018 to 2020 and 2022-, we have confidently persevered and are continuously supporting our clients in hiring the top crypto talent and building web3 teams that make a significant impact.

What our crypto recruiters can do for you:

At Blockchain Headhunter, our team of experienced web3, crypto & blockchain recruiters has successfully completed hundreds of searches and placed numerous crypto and blockchain professionals for companies that range from some of the largest and most successful brands in the space to promising early-stage and established startups. Our clients and candidates can be found on six continents (with the exception of Antarctica).

Leveraging 15+ years of recruitment & executive search experience overall (6+ years of crypto & blockchain recruitment) and an extensive worldwide network of crypto native talent, we are ideally positioned to:

  • Assist you and your team in hiring for the most challenging and urgent roles - if you are a crypto, blockchain, web3 employer:
    • Executive search - senior, VP & CxO level positions
    • Tech Recruitment - software engineers, blockchain & smart contracts developers, solidity & Ethereum, frontend, backend, DevOps, cryptographers, solution architects, team leads, Head/VP of Engineering, CTO, and more
    • Mid to senior level recruitment across all non tech functions - marketing, social media & community, copywriting, product, BD & growth, finance, trading, legal, operations, sales, ESG, and more
  • Connect you to some of the most exciting career opportunities in space - if you are exploring jobs